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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some Sensational Revelations About Imran-Reham's Divorce

Renowned journalist Arif Nizami who was the first to break news between Imran and Reham more than a month ago has made more startling disclosures about the hot issue. While talking to a local TV channel Arif Nizami revealed that Imran Khan divorced Reham via e mail. He said it was not a political but personal divorce as both had sever fights two days ago. He said Imran Khan felt insecure by Reham's behaviour and he feared to be poisoned by her. Nizami claimed the divorce was not with 'mutual consent' it was because the couple did not have mutual understanding. In the sever fight two days ago Reham stretched hand at Imran Khan. He further said Imran Khan's sisters and sons' unhappy attitude towards Reham were another reasons for the divorce. He went n to say despite Imran and Reham's denial over money settlement, he can not accept it. He further said Reham needs money to get settled in London, and if not Imran Khan, somebody close to him will pay the expenses (and only Jahangir Tareen can pay the huge amount).

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