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Monday, October 19, 2015

Indian Muslims Became Coward And Obedient Due To Brutalities And Violence Of Hindus

ndu in 1992 when Hindu extremists demolished Babri Mosque, Muslims of Mumbai began protesting against this tragic event whereas extremists under a conspiracy attacked Muslims to create riots. So, from December 1992 to January 1993 communal riots took place that resulted in the myterdome of more than 900 Muslims. Maharashtra State constituted a commission headed by Justice Sri Krishna. An advocate representing Hindus said whenever there are riots Muslims suffer a lot because and he added showing his Hindu mentality, "Muslims start violence want to degrade majority. And when majority attacks in reply its severity is manifold. It was commonly though during 1992 that Muslim youth of Mumbai wanted to take revenge from Shev Sena and therefore they attcked Hindus, Whereas, actually Shev Sena created first riot in the city during 1984 so that it can get fame, and 150 people were killed in which majority was of Muslims. But, today Muslims can not think of taking revenge from Hindus. Thy have come to know that if revenge wheel starts revolving they get destroyed. Now, the Indian Muslim must remember two things: 1): They must not fight with Hindus. 2): They must take out the passions of taking revenge. Because, Hindus are not human beings, they are beasts, they want to vanish Muslims and other minorities from India or get them converted to Hinduism. In 1992, however, Muslims attacked to reply extremists\ attacks on Muslims in the city and thisrevenge was very severe, they burnt temples, and Hindus, but this revenge outraged the extremists and they directed their workers to kill all the Muslims,no one be left, ths is time teach the Muslims lesson. In these attacks several hundred Muslims were killed. These nasty and ferocious acts annoyed underground mafia leaders of Mumbai, Tiger Memon and Daud Ibrahim and they blasted 13 bombs in March 1993, that killed more than 250 people including Muslims. This resulted in more hatred against Muslims in India and dozens of young Muslims were arrested, undergone violence that resulted in abonding the city by thousands of Muslims due to the danger of Hindus' revenge. Now the the hated of Hindus against Muslims ha turned into flames of revenge. Now Muslims are killed on the excuse of eating cow meat or slaughtering cows (Hindus' Mother). Hindu extremists killed Muhammad Akhlaq on September 28, 2015 with violence in Basara village of Uttar Pradesh as he hd sacrificed cow and had eaten its meat on Eid ul Azha. Hindus want Muslims to be slave to them and do what Hindus want if they want to live in India.

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