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Friday, October 16, 2015

Five Signs That Indicate One Suffering From High Blood Pressure

Do you know many people have the risk of high blood pressure even without knowing that? You may feel it important if you are excluded from those. For that purpose there some signs given that can warn you and you can take appropriate steps beforehand. *-- You Have Crossed The Middle Age:- According to experts, high blood pressure can happen atany stage but it intensifies when a person reaches his or her 40s. Due to significant signs not appearing, many people and their physicians do not realize that they have become high blood pressure patient. So check your blood pressure off and on. *-- Your Life Style Choice Is Not The Cautious One:- If you do all is to sit, smoke or eat salty foods in your routine you are the one vulnerable to high blood pressure and hypertension. It is time to include at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. If you have a kind of inactive or desk bound job, just take break for 10 minutes and have some walk. Limit the salt in your food to 2,300 mg. *-- You Are Taken As Obese:-- That is a sign of high BP if you are apple shaped i.e. your waist line seems bulky instead of pear shaped. It is time to lose some weight which should not be less than 10 pounds. *-- You Have A Significant Medical History:-- If you are diagnosed with diabetes, high cholestrol, kidney or thyroid disease, you are more prone to hypertension and ultimately high BP. Medication you use may also raise your BP. *-- You Have A Family With Hypertension:-- Having hypertension in your family can pose greater risk of high blood pressure for you as well.

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