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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Internet Hunt To Find Someone

You know the popular myth that we all have a twin out there somewhere? Well, a woman went to great lengths to find her doppelganger double. Irish TV presenter Niamh Geaney launched a 28-day challenge called Twin Strangers to find her closest living lookalike. She was amazed when she discovered the woman who is her spitting image living just one hour away. Niamh,26, found Karen Barinigan in April 2015, when her social media compaign went viral. The pair met and had a photoshoot together. Needless to say they were shockingly similar. While documenting her experience online, Niamh said she was 'rediculously nervous' about meeting the complete stranger who just looked alike, but she found the whole adventure amazing. Niamh's identical lookalike journey did not end there. During the project she met another woman, who looked more like her than the first one, living in Italy. Niamh said finding two women who shared almost identical looks was 'absolutely crazy'. A couple of months later, the blue-eyed brunette traveled to Geneva to meet a second twin stranger, Luisa. After massive public enthusiasm for the project, Geaney has since launched ''. The site allows people to upload photos and describe their features and match them to those of others. Geaney says matches have been made between the people in Russia and Italy, Holland and USA, Mexico and Brazil among other places.
**-- In 2014, a love-struck Irish man was reunited with woman he fell in love with on a Ryanair flight after putting out an online appeal. Jamie Kelly's friends launched the #loveatfiestflight compaign on Twitter after he fell for a pretty Canadian woman named Katie. The couple sat together on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin. They hit it off but got separated when they went through custom. The smitten 24,year-old from Ballinasloe, County Galway turned to social media to find his mystery woman and unwittingly became a star in his native Canada where he made the evening news. Katie's sister spotted the story on CBC News and guessed that this was her sister he had fallen for on the Ryanair flight. The couple was finally reunited on the Ray D'Archy Show.

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