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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Social Websites That Failed

New websites are off and on introduced in the world of social media. out of these some find reasonable number of uses and succeed in maintaining their existence, but some are unable to exist and die after some time. When the idea of social networking sites came into being there were shining chances of their success. A similar message from these websites was delivered to attract te attention of users. "Be in contact with your fiends, and be linked despite of distances", but the sites claiming to keep people connected are no more in contact themselves. If you forgot, let us remind you. *-- PING:- The site introduced by Apple was a music platform of music regarding social networking. Users showed enthusiasm when it was launched. But the sharing of music was easier on the competitor sites than on Ping, so, it failed and accepting its defeat lef the field. *-- Yahoo 360:- Yahoo announced that it was going to launch an unique social networking platform and it was of course, a creative experience at that time. However, its childish graphics disappointed user before it get launched. So it failed just after launch. *-- Google+:-- Google plus, a social networking site was launched to compete with Facebook, but its layout is a little bit complicated. In addition, doubts about privacy and the ads policy of Google has also damaged its popularity.Therefore, it has been deprived of its many users, though it is running but is behind Facebook. *-- Xanga:-- Quite before when Facebook and Google Plus were facing each other in the field of social media, MySpace and Xangle were struggling to go forward.. At last users preferred Xanga's rival social networking site MySpace or went on to other blogging or micro blogging sites that came into being after the fall of Xanga. *-- Digg:-- The story of this site is a bit different. Digg had received popularity after launch, but its owners realising its popularity sold it to business men. The new administration made prominent changes in the site which outraged its users and they jumped into another boat of social website Reddif. *-- Friendster:-- Launched in 2002, this social networking site fulfilled many latest tool requirements. Many claims were made about its success and it was thought that it will get its prominent place in the field. Unfortunately, due to faulty programming and other elements it got out of social networking field. *-- Piczo:-- Many people linked to social media might have not remember its name even, because this failed some time after its launch. *-- Diaspora:-- Though its name was not liked by users at first, but once it became danger to the popular social networking site Facebook. Users had to download a software to use this site, which got users away from this site. *-- Myspace:- Though this site can not be called fully failure, but experts are terming it a falling site. The first and the foremost priority of its administration is to get ads. Its layout is also a headache for the users to which administration is not diverting any attention. When users visit this site and finds messages of unfamiliar and unknown person and does not find any of his real friend his purpose of visiting this site proves fruitless. Therefore, users of the site are saying good bye to this social networking site. This site can truly be called a dying site.

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