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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ricksha Driver Transferred AIDS To 300 Women In India

Gang rapes and sexual harassment in India is not a new thing but a rickshah driver's horrible story of tranfering AIDS to hundred of women in India shook the Indian society. Thirty-one year driver was arrested for theft in his friend's house and when investigated he revealed that he was AIDS patient and he transfered HIV to more than 300 women, intentionally. He said he used to go to prostitutes and when he got the disease he intentionally tranfered it to other prostitutes and housewives with whom he developed relationships. He used to pick and drop the children to and from school of the women whom he preyed and tranfered AIDS. Police is getting the names and addresses of the women whom he gave the disease so that these women may know the danger of being AIDs patients. But, will women admit their crimes and relationships with the driver. ?

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