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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nearly 200 MPhil And PhD Scholars Failed To Complete Their Degrees

The Higher Education Commission is finding it difficult to lure back 177 scholars who went abroad for higher education leading to MPil and PhD degrees on HEC scholarships did not complete their degrees and other 110 scholars did not return to Pakistan and managed to settle in foreign countries. One of th requisites of scholarship program makes it binding upon the scholars to return to Pakistan immediately after completing their studies to serve the Government of Pakistan for six years. Action has been initiated against 37 of these scholars while 300 to 400 cases are being pursued in the court. So far HEC has awarded 7,537 students with scholarships in different program across the world. In many cases, according to documents, supervisors raised objections that students' Master degree was not equivalent to the internationally recognised one requiring 18 years of education. While in others, supervisors reportedly suggested the students be placed in their Masts' programme. According to report 104 students could not complete their programs due to poor performance, about eight due to medical reasons and 55 scholars abondoned their degrees due to 'wilful withdrawal'. Out of 177 scholars who failed to complete their degree requirements, 36 went to France, 31 to Netherland, 23 to Germany, 11 to New Zea Land, and other countries like Sweden, China, Australia, Norway and Austria. However, it is true that completion of PhD is not child's play. Though, no scholar went to USA, the PhD degree where is the most difficult job to complete due to hard work and high standard of education in Ameican Universities ( Actual not the fake one

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