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Monday, October 19, 2015

Nobel Prizes Of 2015--1

**-- PHYSICS:-- It was in 1930 when Swiss physicist Wolf Gang Powli discovered subatomic particle neutrino. Slowly it was disclosed to humanity that after light emmissing particle photon, this paricle neurino is found in larger quantity in the universe. But, for a longer time scientists belived that neutrino has no mass, therefore it doest not react with other particle and hust roamingin the air andspace purposlesly. However, as soon as development proceeded in the field of physics a miracle took place related to neutrino. The strange thing about neutrino was that dspite being in abundnce in the universe the equipments installed on earth can not identify neutrino. What was the reason? So, physicist in Canada, Arthur McDonald and Japani physics expert Takaaki Tajita decided to solve the secret. Both the scietists carried out experiment in the underground laboratories so that earth pollution may not affect the experiments. In 1998 professor Takaaki and during 2001 Arthur McDonald discovered that when neutrino enter in the orbit of earth and collide with the air of it change their shape and it was a great discovery. This discovery proved that neutrino was not massless or matterless. Though its mass is millions of time lighter than that of electron but still has weight. Due to the discovery scientists are now able to understand the open and continued universal system. They got enabled to know under which systems the univers is running. They are realising that AlMighty Allah has not created anything purposeless in the universe. Both the physicists were awared Nobel Prize on their discovery.
**-- MEDICINE;-- Three medical scientists from Ireland, China and Japan were awarded joint Nobel Prize in this field. Eighty-one-old Chinese pharmacist Tu You You, who developed medicine 'artimisinin' to cure malaria. She is the first Chinese citizen to get Nobel Prize in medicine field and thirteenth female Nobel Laurate in the world. Two medical scientists, Japanese scientist eighty year old Satoshi Omura and eighty-four year old Irish scientist William Campbell got Nobel prize for developing a medicine ' Avermectin'. This medicine is used for treating a parasite 'round worm' born diseases like river blindness and lymphatic filariasis. Due to the development of these medicines thousands of lives have been saved.

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