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Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Air Hostesses Are Forced To Lie In Overhead Lockers As A Bizarre 'Ritual' In A Chinese Airline

Air hostesses with Kunming Airline are saying no to bizarre ritual that involved being stuffed in overhead lockers. An online furore sparked accusations of bullying after photos emerged of what the air company described as celebrity ritual. Kunming airline denied stewardesses were forced to confined in a space typically meant for hand luggage, quoting a female employee as saying they did so of their own will as a playful act among the crew members that was made by th company's 'harmonious and familiar' environment. The bizarre unofficial ritual of the airline acts as welcoming celebration for new employees and has been going on now for five years. But a group of Chinese hostesses are saying enough is enough. The hostesses from the airline company complained on WeChat, sharing photos of the flight attendants squeezed into narrow space by the male security officers. The post alleged that all cabin crew was forced into lockers by the by the security staff after completing 30 to 50 hours.

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