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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Have Never One Night Stands And Am Secretly Lonely---- Rihanna

For while her male peers are congratulated for their bed- hopping, Rihanna has revealed that she remains all but celibate, despite several reports to the contrary. Rihanna told 'Vanity Fair', she gets horny, but she does not have sex with random dudes.
She explained, " I do not want to wake up next day feeling guilty, I mean I get horny, I am human, I am woman, I want to have sex." But what I am going to do is,--- find first random cute dude that I think is going to be great ride fir the night and tomorrow I wake up feeling empty and hollow.
Of course there are plenty of men who would love nothing more than a night with Rihanna. The Barbadian has been linked to numerous men since her break-up from boyfriend Chris Brown. She also dated baseball player Matt Kemp. Earlier this year she has taken up relationship with rapper with Travis Scott.
But the diamond singer claims the frequent reports of her love life are rarely true. Among the men she has been reported to be dating are reality st Bob Kardashian, actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Collin Farrel, Ashton Kutcher, racing driver Lewis Hamilton and Asap Rccky.

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