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Monday, October 19, 2015

AAM Admi Party In India Has Demanded To Ban Shev Sinha

Indian political party 'Aam Admi' has demanded the Indian government to ban extremist party Shev Sinha. Spokesman of the party in Delhi has said that Shev Sinha was doing the politics of hatred since 50 years, it should be banned. Party also demanded from election commission to take action to counter Shiv Sinha. AAM Admi Party has also said that civil society and people should stand against Shiv Sinha. It is worth mentioning that Shiv Sinha has always been anti-Pakistan party and it always tried to bow down Pakistan. They are all the time threatening Muslims and Pakistanis in India and today they attacked the head quarter of Indian Cricket Board to stop talks between Pakistan and India on bilateral cricket series. They have also threatened Umpire Aleem Dar to leave for Pakistan because they will not allow him to supervise India-South Africa match on October 25. During this current week this mad extremist group threatened Pakistani singer not to come to India and attacked the organiser of former Pakistani foreign minister's book launcher. Why Pakistanis off and on go to India/ Why the officials of India are not invited to Pakistan for talks. However, Pakistani 'Bhands; 'Mirasis' Maskharas (Typical Urdu Words), pros and so-called intellectuals are very fond of going to India.

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