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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Farrah Abraham Fired Due To Obsession With Porn Star

Though on several occasions Farrah Abraham has been insisting that she is not a porn star, it is always fascinating to hear BS explanation of differnce bewen porn and a sex tape, but Farrah may have trouble convincing herself that she is any different than her BFF Jenna Jameson now that he carer as sex worker has resulted in severed business relationship. One mat remember that Farrah was selling samples of her DNA for $99 a pop as charitable fund raising compaign sponsored by a company called Celebrity Gene. now a letter has been found in which CG company has ripped Farrah due to focusing more on her holes than on her humanitarian work. In the letter company claimed that Farrah talked more about female body parts to generate more profit for herself. Company has given some quotes from Farrah's endless self-promotion compaign including this gem: "Another one of my absolute favorite is my fll on vibrating p-sy and ass molded from my own body." CG said not a single sample of Farrh's DNA was sold. She has proven that she was more willing to sell herself than selling DNA samples.

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