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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bahria Town Is Going To Enter Into Media World

Bahria Town is planning to make grand entry into the world of Pakistani media by launching four channels in near future. The channels will include News, Entertainment, Sports and Property. Experts are terming the entry of Bahria Town into the media world as a major development that will have far-reaching effects for all those working for and are interested in these four genres. Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman of Bahria Town is recognised as the leading real estate developer whose projects are internationally applauded for their high quality and high professional standards. He is also recognised as the leading philanthropist of Pakistan. His plan to enter into the vibrant field of media is considered as a major breakthrough in the industry that has grown exponentially since the era of former president Parvez Musharraf. Though there is a number of channels filling the Pakistani airwaves, but still the questions of quality and professionalism are raised about the Pakistani electronic media. Its credibility is truly criticised. So, the inclusion of a major investor like Bahria Town is expected to have positive spinoff for the industry. In the news genre, Bahria Town is expected to launch a channel that will not only benefit the viewers with quality content but it will provide nice opportunities to the men and women who want make their future in the growing industry. Similarly, the entertainment channel will provide major platform for artists, directors, writers and others who want to expand their artistic and intellectual capabilities. With the entry of Bahria Town in Media world, it is clear that Media industry in Pakistan will have huge boost. It is expected that electronic media will get rid of many black sheep and corrupt elements who are the cause of defamation of the media, specially electronic one.

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