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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Facts About Earthquakes You Need To Know

An earthquake of 8.1 magnitude has shaken all regions of Pakistan and several areas have been rattled severely. Here are some facts about earthquakes knowing which will leave you flabbergasted. **-- There Are 500,000 Earthquake A Year Across The Globe:-- Every year Southern California area alone faces 10,000 earthquakes, most of them are not felt by the people. These are detected by the sensitive instruments. Furthermore of all these earthquakes worldwide, only 100,000 can be felt and around 100 cause damage. It is pertinent to mention 1905 San Fransisco earthquake crumbled 500 blocks of the city. **-- In Antarctica There Are Ice Quakes Not Earthquakes:-- The continent experienced ice quakes that occurred within the ice rather than the land. The continent's ice cracked and exploded because of a major earthquake which happened in Maule, Chile and halfway around the world. Seismologists say that the earthquake on one side shake the other side. **-- Around 80 % Of Earthquakes Occur In "Pacific Ring Of Fire:-- This is geologically the most active region on earth. It circles the Pacific Ocean, touching the coasts of North and South America, Japan, Russia and China. This is the reason that majority of the Earth's major quakes occur here as major plate boundaries collide. **--

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