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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

News And Views--- October 27,2015

**-- Two Hundred and forty one dead as massive earthquake hit Pakistan. Relief operations are underway. Quake also shook and cracked several historical buildings like Bala Hisar Fort in Peshawar. --- The affectees of 2005 quake have not been rehabilitated yet and another severe earth jolted the country. Again dishonest and corrupt people will swallow the relief goods and will not let them distribute to the deserving people. Dengue, quakes, floods, Taliban and all the other natural calamities are the result of our deeds.
**-- India is sent 15-year-old boy Ramzan to Pakistan. It seems it is in reply to Sending back Geeta to India by Pakistan. Ramzan was separated from his mother at the of 10. But India should also release prisoners held in different Indian jails.
**-- Six persons kidnapped 24-year-old woman from home when she was alone and after gang raping her threw in a deserted place, in Jaranwala, district Sargodha.
**-- Last Ten stranded families have been rescued from Naran Valley. The military troops with heavy machinery helped clear the road between Kaghan and Naran highway.--- With out the help of Pak army civil government is unable to rescue the flood victims, quake affectees andote calamit hit people. What are civil govenments for. Are they only to enjoy luxury foreign trips and digest the national money.
**-- It seems a fact that Maryam Nawaz, who accompanied his father prime minister Nawaz Shrif to the USA and had met with US first lady Michelle Obama in White House is being groomed as the next prime minister of Sarif's political dynasty.--- Why not Nawaz Sharif continue the tradition that has been followed by Z A Bhutto in the shape of Ba Nazir, Zardari gave the nation Bilawal Zardari, Fazal Rahman inherited Mufti Mahmood's political seat, because they are kings and their kids are crown prince or princes and Pakistan is their property.
**-- Indian cricketer Amit Mishra was arrested on Woman assault charges. Police commissioner says he will released soon as it was a ballable ofence.--- As this type of assaults are common and routine matter and when many others are doing so in India why the cricketers should remain behind. They are washing hands in flowing 'Ganges'.
**-- Sharmeen Obaid's "A girl in the river" has been shortlised for Oscar Award. The documentary follows the story ofa 18-year-old girl, a rare survivor of honour killing attempt. **-- a 15-year-old boy was arrested for British cyber attack that resulted in more than tenth of the value of Talk Talk wiped off the London Stock Exchange.

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