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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Who Is Behind Imran-Reham's Divorce?

Ex-wife Of Imran Khan, Reham Khan while taling to local TV channel has revealed that some party leaders were behind their divorce, special a leader close to Imran Khan had big involvement in their divorce ( though she did not name, but it may be Jahangir Tareen). She also said Imran Khan never spoke about the matter before, only it was decided a day earlier. However, they are not legally divorced yet and matter is in the court yet, they have filed for it. Referring to divorce she said the decision was taken by mutual consent. Earlier in her message on Twitter she had said they have parted ways and filed for divorce in the court.
Meanwhile, one of the top leaders of PTI, on the directives of Imran Khan, has contacted Reham Khan in London and asked her not to issue statements in media about divorce issue.

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