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Monday, October 12, 2015

Time Square Topless Women Do Not Want To Leave The Area

A growing legion of bare- chested wearing only red, white and blue paints over their breast, thong feather headdresses and high heels, have taken over Time Square, seeking tips by posing with passing men, women and children.
And facing what they see a cringe- worthy crisis after decades of scrubbing Time Square's one-sleazy image, some city officials are proposing to confine the topless women and costumed performers working alongside them to designated 'activity zones.' But several of these painted ladies who spoke candidly this past week made it clear that restrictions or not, thy are not going anywhere. The presence of the topless women over the pas year has shaken the Crossroad of the World in a ways that similarly photo-hawking costumed characters who came before -Elmos and sponge never did. As many as dozen topless women were counter roaming at Times Square at any one time often making tips of $ 10 to 20 per photo. more than the costumed characters appeared to pull in.

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