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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nobel Prize Winners Of 2015-2

**-- CHEMISTRY (Bio-Chemistry);- The 2015 Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry was jointly given to 77-year-old Swedish scientist Thomas Lindahi, 69-year-old American scientist Paul Modrich and Turkey-born 69-year-old American Aziz Sancar. These scientists through their research found how the cells repair the DNA that need repair. During the daily routine jobs DNA is damaged by different processes. Some times cancer creating substances attack DNAs and some times free radicles deshape them. But, nature has kept such a particular systems with their help cells repaired injured DNAs. The research these bio chemists helped in understanding the natural systems of repair of DNAs. The practical benefit of these Nobel Laurates is that medical scientists can now discover new treatments of cancer. Cells stop the substances that naturally produce cancer. Medical scientist now following this natural procsses will develop cancer curing medicines. Tomas Lindahi is working in British Francis Kirk Research Institute, Paul Modrich is researcher in Howard Hugs Medical Institute while Aziz Sancar is related to Americam Duke University School of Medicine. Islamists formed the new government, but slowly they were accused of not taking stern action against extremists. *8-- PEACE;-- Arab Spring started from Tunisia in 2011, where a hawker burnt himself and turned the passions into flames against dictatorship. Then strong protests against dictator Ibb Ali forced him to leave the country. General election was held in Tunisia and pro-democracy and pro-religious parties got majority. Islamists formed new government , but they were accused of not taking stern actions against extremists. So, in this way conflicts and differences took place in the society. Due to difference constitution could not be made for a year. Meanwhile, extremists killed some secular leaders. There was a danger of civil war in Tunisia. To end the differences between various groups Tunisian General Labour Union took the first step. It invited different political powers in July 2012 to start 'national dialogue. As Labour Union was respected in Tunisian Sociey so all the political powers accepted the suggestion. The Tunisian General Union founded Tunisian National Dialogue Qurtet to give the national dialogue a comprehensive form. It is called "Al Hawar Ul Watni" in Arabic. Soon other three organisations joined this coalition group. These groups were, Tunisian Confederation of Industries, Trade and Handicrafts, The Tunisian Human Rights League and The Tunisian order of Lawyers. This coalition succeeded in recovering peace in the society and was given Nobel Prize.

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