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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Human Son Of Animal-- Lahore Traffic Police's Chalaan

Trafic police awkward chalan by expresspk Rude and inhuman bevaiour is the speciality of police in Pakistan, but Lahore traffic warden crossed all the limits. He spoke rudely in harsh language to the citizen, when the under challan citizen asked him behave mannerly. He got angry and on challan form wrote his name as " Human s/o animal". The citizen brought the issue to Express TV channel and the reporter asked him to report it to the higher authorities of police.

YouTube Is Accessible In Some Parts Of The Country Due To Technical Fault In Blockage

The world's biggest video sharing site YouTube has been accessible in Pakistan following some technical fault in the blockage. The site is only accessible in some areas of Karachi since Thursday while in rest of the country it is still un accessible. The Pakistani government had blocked the video sharing website since September 2012, after the former's request to block blasphemous video 'Innocence of Muslims' for Pakistani viewers was turned down. However, the website was accessible on the platform of at least three different ISPs according to internet consumer survey. PTA confirmed that YouTube is official banned in the country and there is no change in government stance on it. The reasons for the sudden restoration of YouTube are unclear. According to one account the site was accessible because one of the four submarine cables that connect the country with internet are under maintenance. As a result its traffic has been diverted to Egypt where the website is accessible thus some consumers in Karachi- the landing point for that cable-are able to access the website. However, an official from Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) disagrees with the first account on technical grounds. YouTube is blocked both at gateway and retail level thus, it is technically not possible to view it even if traffic is routed to a different country. ISPAK official also confirmed the reports that some operators have unblocked the website in Karachi. "The website is still blocked in rest of the country - even in Karachi it is available only partially," he added.

Friday, February 27, 2015

65-Year-Old Man Raped 7 -year-old Girl In Akora Khattak

rpeasd(1) by dailyvidz1 A seven year old girl was raped by a 65 -year-old man namely Nawabzada Arshad, in Akra Khattak tesil of district Nowshera in KPK. Victim's father said the incident tok place when she was playing outside her house, one evening. She was kidnapped and allegedly raped by the old man, who was arrested but trial is yet to begin. The victim's father said as the accused is an influential person so the police is forced to reach 'compromise' or outside court settlement through back door negotiation. A similar horrifying story of gang rape was reported by BBC in which the crime was filmed. The film was later distributed on social media sites.
This young girl was gang raped in a remote village. She kept silent thinking that it might protect her from being known as rape victim, but her rape video began circulating online and via mobile phone. Two versions of her ordeal were online, one lasted five minutes and other for 40 minutes. The video showed four men raping her one by one, while she pleaded for mercy.

Invest In Hollywood Movie And Get Citizenship On Caribbean Island

You invest in the Hollywood movie which is shot on Caribbean Island St Kitts and Nevis, in return you gain citizenship on the island, which provides visa-free travel to 80 countries, including Schengen Zone. It is not the most usual citizenship-by-investment program, and will certainly get you more than a second passport. Red-carpet events, behind- the-scenes access, and being the part of same production that Russel Crowe and or Kevin Costner are working on are some of the perks of this investment scheme. St Kitts and Nevis has launched a new investment option within its citizenship-by-investment program which it has been running since 1984. In new option applicants can support one of the five Hollywood movies to be shot on the island over the net five years. The five movies that are the part of the program are:- 1-- Captain Blood by TBC 2-- Indian Warner by Kevin Costner 3-- Unburnable by Kenny Leon 4-- Nick Carter By Andy Davis 5-- Bob Marley by Oliver Stone

All The Controversial People Take Refuge In One Or Another Political Party

It is noticed, specially in Pakistan that some negatively or positively famous and controversial people when see no other way to save themselves from the anger of masses or police or even secret agencies, take immediate refuge joining some political party. They make huge contributions to the funds of the party and gain the favour of chiefs of the concerned party. Some people contribute heavily to some welfare institutions of the party or charity organisations. When they come in the grip of law or are targeted by masses' anger, make hue and cry that they are politically revenged. Imran Khan's PTI is becoming the top most as well as favourite party for politicians for their political future, all the experienced and cunning people are joining the party, astonisgingly, khan is keeping in view the increase in number of members not the quality and standard. This may damage his party. Similarly, the controversial people of Geo Morning Show issue, Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khattak who had left country, after making huge grant (bribery) for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital are going to join PTI. If they donated money to hospital with good intention is oh, if not then Khan must know their intention. It is pertinent to note that Veena quit showbiz on the preaching of renowned Islamic preacher Maulana Tariq Jameel, and her husband met Imran Khan and Reham Khan in Dubai. After joining PTI they want to visit Pakistan and making shield of PTI.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shoppers Go Semi-Clad For Free Clothes

A shopping mall in Wahun City in China decided to give a special offer to their customers in a Singles' Day. They decided to offer free clothes to the first 200 people who entered their mall. But there was a catch. Those who wanted free clothes would have to enter the mall in underwears only. To boost the morale of the semi-clad shoppers organisers brought about 100 models who were also dressed in underwears only. There is no confidence booster to stand next to a model, in your underwear.

Marrying A Prince Is Not A Prerequisite To Be A Princess-Emma

The internet was rife with unauthentic reports of Prince Harry dating former 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson. Reports say on Women's Day Prince Harry reportedly sent Emma an email to invite her out when she split from her boyfriend Mathew Janney. A breathless unnamed insider said that the fourth-in-line to the throne is 'smitten' by the actress. Apparently Miss Watson met with the prince with a group of 12 friends and they have been meeting up in secret since. You will love how Watson reacted to the made up news and she did not even raise her voice. The UN Ambassador for Women also had a point to make on the issue of feminism.

Sixty Million SIMs Have Been Verified Biometrically Uptil Now

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has informed the people that first phase of SIMS verification through bio-metric device will end on Thursday night at 12 am. As many as 60 million SIMS have been verified till Wednesday and those users who did not verify their SIMS will be informed through SMS and after that SIMS will be blocked. Next phase of SIMS verification will start from February 27 and at the end of second phase on March 12, unverified SIMS will be blocked permanently. In the last phase after March 12 media compaign will be launched against unattested SIMS. About 10 million unverified SIMS have been blocked already.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meera Presented Four Conditions For Marriage To Tribal Leader

Sixty-seven years-old and father of six children Malik Muhammad Wazir Safi former MNA from Mohmand Agency who had proposed Meera for marriage would have thought anf he will go to Lahore and hold the hands of Meera, tie knot and will bring her to Mohmand Agency to live in his Kot( We say to big Haveli that is large walled house). Woh! Malik Sahib now listen carefully to the four conditions of Meera for marriage. First condition is:- Half of the money after selling all the items in house would have to be tranferred in her account. residence in Dubai, permission to work in films and TV dramas, and fourth and the last condition is the right of divorce. Hahaha! Safi Jee! She is actress, I know the environment of tribal areas. It is impossible for her to reside in your haveli. After you agree then she will respond to your proposal. Why are you silent. You are Pakhtoon once you decided to marry her , please go ahead and sacrifice Khairat, wealth and tribal leadership and act as secretary of actress cum husband. If you agree then she will decide the time and place for marriage. Once get her hand and make your Haveli her prison. What the actress would remember that she had a tribal elder husband like Malik Wazir Safi..

Obscene Shows On Pakistani TV Channels

obscene content aired on Pakistani media by arynews What kind of scenes are shown on morning shows on Pakistani channels See yourself . Thanks to (ARY NEWS)

Many Indian Beauties Love Pakistani Cricketers

Bharti haseena Pakistani players per fida by expresspk Though Pakistan and India cricket match is taken like a war between the two countries and in the on-going World Cup Pakistan team was badly defeated by Indian team, still Indian actresses fell in love with Pakistani cricket stars. In the past Reena Rai married Mohsan Khan. Few years back tennis star Sania Mirza married to Shoib Malik. Similarly, Zeenat Aman and Rekha deeply love former cricket captain and now politician Imran Khan. Zeenat Aman wanted to marry Khan but Imran showed negative response. Now Imran Khan is married with his love Reham Khan and we pray for their happy life.

Moin Khan's Activities In Casino In Australia

Our cricketers are paid high salaries, high emoluments, daily allowances and much more. They are billionaires with the money given to them by the nation. What they do in foreign countries, how do they play, specially in the recent tour regarding world cup, bringing griefs and sorrows to the nation, they have no regrets. They enjoy steaks, dance and make merry in the casinos, like chief selector did. Fans and the Pakistan media reacted angrily when the news of Moin visiting the casino broke on social and electronic media. The anger of Pakistanis was justified because had already lost two important matches and nation was in shock. However even though Moin went to casino with his own money, bur he was clearly unaware that a group of people with someone else's money was following his every move. A Pakistani couple who was already in the casino ( to warn the people there of moral pitfalls of gambling) alerted a group of Pakistani journalists when they saw Moin gambling, drinking, dancing, mugging, head-banging and punching at the gambling tables and on the dance floor of the casino. The journalists- who had already been covertly following every member of Pakistani team, disguised as Arab Hourbara bustard hunters on the back of camels, when one of them received a call from the casino couple. The couple, who, after exchanging a minute or two of greetings in classical Arabic and ancient Syriac Aramaic with one of the journalists, told that one of the member of Pakistan squad 'had lost his way and was in a need of public flogging'.
Journalists saw Moin Khan on a table having dinner, they immediately went up to him and and after noticing it was steak that Moin was eating, asked him whether the steak was halal?
Before Moin could answer or ascertain who the men were, the journalists and the couple started taking pictures of the steak with their cell phone. Thus the first news of the event that broke on social media was about Moin having non-halal beef steak at the casino.

NADRA Continues To Issue NICs On Fake Documents

Corruption is so much deeply rooted in Pakistani society that bribery or any type of misappropriation are taken as one's right not to regret upon. Do the corrupt people specially in NADRA office not know that issuing NIC to other nationals, particularly. will bring how much drastic consequences. Taking from issuance of passport and drug smuggling to human trafficking and terrorist activities are the results of issuance of NICs to non-Pakistanis. The defamation for Pakistan is additional curse for this corruption. The latest example of NADRA's as well as those corrupt people who verified the fake documents is the issuance of Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) by NADRA officials in Peshawar to Afghani woman Sharbat Bibi and two men on fake documents. NADRA Hayatabad (Peshawar) office issued three CNICs on a single day to 46-year-old Afghani woman Sharbat Bibi, wife of Rehmat Gul and her two sons Rauf Khan and Wali Khan in violation of rules and regulations. How easily they got CNICs whereas Pakistanis are having several rounds and hundred and one documents to be produced after which they are issued cards.
Though NADRA has suspended four officials who issued CNICs to National Geographic fame girl, but only suspension and discharging them from service is not enough, because documents have to be verified and stamped by grade 17 gazetted officer. There is a chain of culprits and all need to be brought to light and sentenced.
(Do they look like brothers, as Sharbat Bibi claims to be her sons)? However, it is said that NADRA has blocked the CNICs of Sharbat Bibi and two men said to be her sons). In 1984, Sharbat Bibi moved to Peshawar along with her 'two sons' and since then she has been residing in Nasir Bagh camp established for Afghan refugees. Earlier reports had said that Sharbat had three daughters. This is in contrast with the information on NADRA form which maintains that she had two sons.
(Sharbat as pictured on her NADRA form) They may or may not be her sons, as ther is common practice among Afghan refugees whereby they list the names of non-relatives as their children to obtain documents. In her CNIC form filed on April 17, 2014, 'Afghan girl' listed herself to be born in Peshawar on Jan 1, 1969, residing at Talab Road Nauthia Qadeem, Mohalla Mast Gul, Peshawar. Sharbat Bibi became famously known as "Afghan Girl" when National photographer Steve McCurry captured her photograph at Nasir Bagh refugee camp situated on the edge of Peshawar in 1984 and identified her as 'Sharbat Gula'. She gained worldwide recognition when her photo was featured on the cover of June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time when she was approximately 12 years old. The photo has been linked with Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. National Geographic also made a short documentary on her life and dubbed her as "Mona Lisa of Afghan War". She remained anonymous for years after her first photo made her icon around the world and until she was discovered by National geographic in 2002. After Sharbat got permission from family to meet the person who photographed her nearly 17 years ago, McCurry knew immediately even after so many years that he has found her again. He said her eyes are as haunting now as they were then.

Changing Political Parties Is A Favourite Game Of Pakistani Politicians

A child will feel shame to change his playing team countless times in a year, but our politician neither feel ashamed of changing parties twice or thrice a year nor are regrettting to have fake degrees and making false promises to people and telling lies. Javed Hashmi who considers himself a top politicians has no committment to one party. Same is true for Nabeel Gabool who quitting Pakistan Peoples Party had joined MQM in 2013 and was elected MNA from NA 246 on the party ticket in general election, has resigned from his national assembly seat from Karachi and has also left Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). He is going to hold an important press conference in which he decided to explain the reasons for quitting the party and the seat. Did he not know facts about MQM while being a politician, whereas every body of Sindh is in the of the reality of the party. There remains one party he may join if allowed and that is PTI. Does he know himself to be worth of joininh PTI? There must be differences over personal interests while a MNA never quits/resigns from the seat. Like ministers for PIA, steel Mills and Railways even the institutions may go bankrupt. or crash. This is politics of Pakistan that is named democracy by politicians not the by the people. Unique democracy of Pakistan is seen interestingly by the world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Restrictions Have Been Put On Pakistan Team

As Pakistan suffered two horrible defeats in World Cup the management have put some new restrictions on Green Shirts including gap from media. Pakistan team has cancelled its training session on Monday which was replaced by individual meeting of the platers with team management. Pakistan suffered a 76-run-loss to India in their World Cup opener before being humbled by West Indies on Saturday. The team management headed by Waqar Younis has decided to take drastic steps in order to regain focus and get Pakistan's World Cup compaign back on track. It is a nice step to keep the team away from the glare of the media. To avoid further controversy it has been decided Pakistan now will be steering away from media. At the moment all outings and interaction with media have been put on holdhold for the next week to get players' focus on cricket. Pakistan takes Zimbabwe coached by Dav Whatmore on March 1, in Brisbane. The encounter will be a must win-game for the Green shirts but it seems players were desperate to perform. Meanwhile, Pakistan team's World Cup winning-captain Imran Khan said the team have to be regrouped and play attacking cricket if they have any hope in the tournament. Khan said," first and foremost thing is that if we are win our remaining matches and beat South Africa the top order has to get runs. We need to play attacking cricket by strengthening bowling and to take wickets. Containement will not work in this World Cup."

Former MNA Proposes Actress Meera

Former PML(N) member national assembly Malik Wazir Safi proposed controversial actress Meera for marriage. Malik Muhammad Wazir is already married and has six children. He has participated twice in National Assembly elections on PML(N) ticket. He said if Meera agrees he will immediately go to Lahore and bring her to Mohmand Agency after marriage. But does Malik not know that there is a lot of difference between Inran Khan and him. Meera is cunning and she wants to marry a politician who has bright chances to be next prime minister ans she wanted to be first lady. Secondly, the fame, the respect and the prestige Imran Khan has none of the politician could gain that. He is the hope for younger generation. Meera would never marry a nameless person, but only a celebrity she wants as her husband.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Beautiful Female Student Extortionist In Peshawar

pshwas8qw7ad by dailyvidz1 In a raid police arrested a first year student from the village Mashkail in the suberb of Peshawar, who threatening the businessmen through vice exchanger received extortion money. She posed her links to defunct organisation while threatening the traders. She even did so to get money from her her relatives. She threatened traders to kidnap their childeren if money was not paid to her. She got one million rupees from a businessman in Pehawar. She used to change her place after each threat. The girl whose name is Laila confessed her crimes but she was not ashamed of her acts. What a bold Girl?

Oscar 2015 Award Winners- Best Picture: 'Birdman'

"May be next year there will be some immigration rules to the Academy- two Mexicans in a row is suspicious," director Alejandro G joked when he collected the best picture prize , referring Alfonso Cuaron's best director win last year.
Best picture award was won by "Birdman" while actress Julianne Moore and actor Eddie Redmayne got the best actress and actor awards, respectively.

Moin Khan Has Been Issued Show Cause Notice By PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued a show cause notice to chief selector Moin Khan over visiting a casino ahead of crucial match between Pakistan and West Indies in Christchurch last week, which Pakistan lost badly rather shamefully. He will have to explain the reasons for his visit to casino, a day before the match. The video of Moin Khan's activities in the casino was also surfaced which was gone viral on the social media. Former Pakistani captain Aamir Sohail has said that it was a serious breach of the discipline which would create a bad impression on the team. Though Moin Khan has confessed the visit of the casino but he said he had gone there to keep an eye on the players. What a strange reason?
PCB seeks clarification from Moin on casino... by GeoNews

Unedited Photos Of Beyonce Leaked Showing Her Real Face

Two hundred and twenty four apparently unedited photos of Queen Bey Beyonce were leaked on a fan site called The Beyonce World sending shockwaves among her fans. These pictures are from 2013 L'Oreal cosmetic compaign showing fans that she is human like someone else.
The 33-year-old superstar, known for her hit track 'Flawless', appears to have uneven, pimply skin under heavily applied foundation in the pre-photoshop images. The photographs were immediately taken down by the website soon after they were posted. But not before it was shared on social media and picked up by Complex and Gawker.
The Beyonce World deleted the photos after receiving the negative response from the buzzing, insane Beyonce fan army known as Beyhive. The site owner posted this terrified missive explaining their decision, " Due to the decision of Beyhive we have removed the photos. We do not want to cause any drama, nor we wish to start fan wars. some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible and we do not want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman."
The outtakes appear to be from Beyonce adverts for L'Oreal's Feria and infallible products, which advertise hair dyes, lipsticks and foundation.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Big Fraud In The Name Of Reham Khan

Reham Khan Ke Name Fraud by Awaiz_pp It was a fraud or was there any reality? A dinner was to be arranged in Nawab Hotel London on February 20 but was postponed due to some conflicts. It was to be arranged for IDs' for which fund raining was done. The contribution was to be done to account in the name of Shehla Zulfi. What was the fact see the video.

Is A Divorce Coming Soon For Kate Middleton And Prince William?

Now that Duchess Kate Middleton's health has improved, the British tabloids need some new drama to report. And they have found it. She has not been making many public appearances as of late, so those famous Kate Middleton's wardrobe malfunctions have been kept to a minimum. The lack of public sighting has resulted in other speculation, however. Yes, the UK press is going hard after its old standby claim that Will and Kate are on the rocks after weeks of stiff-upper-lipped arguments over tea ans crumpets. So what is the cause of duo's alleged 'marital issue'. Well at first it seemed that Will and Kate simply can not agree on where to spend holidays. Yup, better call the divorce attorney and start dividing up the empire.
Could this be indicative of bigger problems? The original agreement was that the couple would alternate between their parents' homes each year, which worked well until he he refused to budge this year. In 2011, they started by joining the royal family at Sandringham House. Being an even year 2014, meant spending holidays in Kate's native Bucklebury. At least it would if he honoured their deal. Sources close to the royal family say he offered a lame 'compromise' in which both families will be invited to Will and Kate's new home in Norfolk.
(Kate as a baby in 1982 with his father Michael) The problem is that it is not really a compromise at all, as the Norfolk house is literally on the royals' famed Sandringham estate. London tabloid The Inquisitr claims that kate became so upset by Will's attempted shenanigans that she has moved back in with mum and dad. Of course, it was previously heard that Kate was ;living with her parents as a result of her ongoing health struggle, but apparently it was more than that.

Three UK School Girls Left Homes To Join Daesh

The families of three British school girls feared to be travelling to join Daesh group in Syria issued emotional appeals to them to come home. Close friends Kadiza Sultana, 17, 15-year-old Shamima Begum and Amira Abbasi left their East London homes Tuesday and flew to Istanbul. Turkey is a key entry point for those seeking travel to Syria. Police believe the three girls- all of whom are high academic achievers- were following the example of a friend who fled to join Daesh in December. Abbasi's family issued a statement/appeal for their daughter," You are strong, smart, beautiful and we are hoping you will make the right decision.". Sltana's family said they were feeling 'completely distressed' and that her departure was a 'complete nightmare'. Their families said," all of you have strong feelings and want to help those you believe are suffering in Syria, you can help from home, you do not need to put yourself in danger." The girls flew to Istanbul on a Turkish airline flight from London's Gatwick airport.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saudi Female TV Anchors Will Have To Adhere To Uniform Dress Code Soon

Female TV anchors in Saudi Arabia may soon be faced to adhere to a uniform dress code that does not amplify their beauty. The king's Advisory Body, the Shoura Council, is reviewing a proposal by the General Commission for Audiovisual Media. Ibrahim Abu Abat, who co-wrote the proposal, told the Shoura Council women should wear hijab (headscarf) on air to uphold Kingdom's Islamic Standards. " I receive a lot of questions from Muslims all over the world wondering why our women appear without Hijab (headscarf) in the media," he was quoted saying. It is embarrassing not be best presentation of Islam. "Saudi women must appear with our respectable hijab so we can have a Saudi media that truly represents our beliefs and values." The issue became controversial mid-last year when a female anchor appeared without headscarf during a national news broadcast on Saudi government run Al Akhbariya. An Al Akhbariya spokesman said at the time that woman in the segment was delivering her news bulletin out of the London office and it would not happen again. "She was not in a studio in Saudi Arabia and we do not tolerate any transgression of our values and country's system." Saleh Al Mukhailif said.

Do Parents Know What Their Children Are Looking For Online?

nojawan larky or larkian yeh video zaroor dekhen by videosfestival Most of the parents do not try to know what their daughters or sons are doing late at night? Do they study or pretend to be busy in study and chatting on internet whole night and making friends. Many girls are traped and get exposed to pornography. Or being black mailed for life and make darknesses their fortune. Parents as well as young boys and girls must see this video.

Pakistan's Shameful Defeat In World Cup 2015

Pakistani team during warm up matches as well as in the world cup matches against India and West Indies, proved that it was north sending to participate in World cup. Its performance had been zero from the beginning. Such a weak team was never sent to take part in world cup. Coaches, selectors captain and even chairman PCB all are are responsible for the shameful defeats of the team, more than the players. As Pakistan team got disastrous start against West Indies and made unique record to its name. That is right with just a worst start the Green Shirts made a world record as they lost four wickets with just a run on the score board. Pakistan lost Ahmad Shahzad, Younis Khan, Nasir Jamshed and Haris Sohail with one run on the score board. Previously, Canada held the record when they lost four wickets with four runs on the board. Pakistani team is definitely going to lose match against Ireland. Better to call them back to save the nation from a great shame.
On other hand former skipper Aamir Sohail held prime minister Nawaz Sharif responsible for the defeat, as being the Patron in-Chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Punjab University Or Centre Of Problems?

Female student s views about punjab university... by pakcriki There are several problems in Punjab University. Female students are describing problems about administration, hostel, non availability of buses. Problems in the hostels. All these are not new. Complaints against VC Mujahid Kamran had been raised since long. Why the problems are not being solved by the Punjab government. Are these only allegations? or real? this is up to higher authorities to look into the matter and bring the clear picture to light. Watch this video and the views of female students. Courtesy (Daily motion).

Mom Helpless To Feed Hungry Crying Child

It is natural for a mother to react to her child's cry of hunger. But this mother is helpless and has to listen to unbearable wail of the infant. Se must not give in to her instinct as she suffers aids. The video posted on Indian website Indiatimes cautions women about the dangers of passing AIDS virus to their little ones.