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Friday, February 6, 2015

More Than 100 women Raped In fake Clinical Study

Japanese police has arrested a man for drugging and sexually assaulting more than 100 women who believed they were taking part in medical research. Reports say many women responded to adverts seeking volunteers for "clinical research measuring blood pressure during sleep" over two years. Hideyuki, 54, gave the women sedative after luring them to hotels and hot spring resorts. After women were unconscious, he raped them and filed each assault. Footage of the attacks were posted on internet or sold to porn fils, netting Hideyuki more than 10 million yen ($85,000). Thirty-nine victims have been identified, aged from their teens to their 40s, in Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Tochigi and Shizouka. It is aid this the fraction of total number the man attacked, actual number is well over 100.

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