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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Former MNA Proposes Actress Meera

Former PML(N) member national assembly Malik Wazir Safi proposed controversial actress Meera for marriage. Malik Muhammad Wazir is already married and has six children. He has participated twice in National Assembly elections on PML(N) ticket. He said if Meera agrees he will immediately go to Lahore and bring her to Mohmand Agency after marriage. But does Malik not know that there is a lot of difference between Inran Khan and him. Meera is cunning and she wants to marry a politician who has bright chances to be next prime minister ans she wanted to be first lady. Secondly, the fame, the respect and the prestige Imran Khan has none of the politician could gain that. He is the hope for younger generation. Meera would never marry a nameless person, but only a celebrity she wants as her husband.

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