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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Some Shortest Marriages Ever

*-- In 2004, television host and Saved By The Bell album Mario Lopez marriage to model/actress Ali Landry lasted mere two weeks. What broke them up? Apparently Lpoes rampant cheating. In 2011, he admitted at least to one indiscretion on the Howard Stern show during his bachelor party in Mexico. After learning of her new husband's indiscretions Landry had the marriage annulled. *-- In 2012, Dubai man divorced his wife within seconds of marrying her. Immediately after the ceremony the man ducked out of the court room where the wedding occurred and into another nearby court room he divorced her. The reason, Abdul Salam Darvesh, director of family rehabilitation and guidance of Dubai court explained," The groom said the bride's father made a condition that his daughter must keep the job after marriage and that he accepted this condition because he was too embarrassed to say no... he said he had though the problem would be sorted out with his bride but she insisted on keeping her job."
*-- For Jason Alexander, childhood friend of pop singer Britney Spears, his first marriage began and ended over the New Year's Holiday in Las Vegas in 2004. Spears flew up Alexander to Sin City in her private jet for what he though was a "good time" but the pop singer suggested they marry instead. When the happy couple shared the news with her mother and managers, Alexander said," every one went crazy because there was no prenup." 55 hours later the marriage was annulled due to Spears lacking " understanding of her actions, , to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage," A somewhat scored Alexander flew coach back to his home Kentwood, Louisiana. Spears later chalked the nuptials up to "being silly and rebellious."

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