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Monday, February 2, 2015

Reham Khan To Revive Pakistan Film Industry

Reham Khan, the wife of Pakistan Tehreek
Caste For Reham Khan's New Movie, Interesting... by faizanmaqsood1010 e Insaaf Chaiman Imran khan has decided to revive the film industry in Pakistan. According to reports Reham Khan has started to make a film with the help of local production house. One film will be in Urdu language while the second will be in Pushto. She has also started search for the actors for the films while Pushto film's shooting will start soon. It have been far better for Reham Khan to work as media advisor to Imran Khan rather than making films. As she is basically journalist. Ok she may try to revive Pakistan film industry though it is diffcult in presence of Tv channels that show Indian films and dramas.

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