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Friday, February 27, 2015

65-Year-Old Man Raped 7 -year-old Girl In Akora Khattak

rpeasd(1) by dailyvidz1 A seven year old girl was raped by a 65 -year-old man namely Nawabzada Arshad, in Akra Khattak tesil of district Nowshera in KPK. Victim's father said the incident tok place when she was playing outside her house, one evening. She was kidnapped and allegedly raped by the old man, who was arrested but trial is yet to begin. The victim's father said as the accused is an influential person so the police is forced to reach 'compromise' or outside court settlement through back door negotiation. A similar horrifying story of gang rape was reported by BBC in which the crime was filmed. The film was later distributed on social media sites.
This young girl was gang raped in a remote village. She kept silent thinking that it might protect her from being known as rape victim, but her rape video began circulating online and via mobile phone. Two versions of her ordeal were online, one lasted five minutes and other for 40 minutes. The video showed four men raping her one by one, while she pleaded for mercy.

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