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Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Terrifying Female Serial Killer

*-- 31-year-old Joanna Dennehy is one of the only three English criminal history to be assessed to be so dangerous she can never be released from prison.( She shares her notoriety with Moors murderer, Myra Hindley- now deceased, and Rosemarry West, who murdered 10 people with her husband, Fred.) Dennehy, a mother of two was driven by a a 'sadistic lust' for blood. She stabbed three men to death she knew in Peterborogh, England, during a ten-day killing spree before travelling to Hereford, where she knifed two men at random in broad day light, within nine minutes of one another as they walked their dogs.
*-- French child killer Jeanne Weber strangled at least 10 kids, including two of her own. With each killing Weber was for one reason or another, skirted justice before being convicted of murder and declared insane in 1908. In 1905, two of Weber's three children died, No red flag was raised. While baby sitting her sister in-law's daughters, her 18-year-old niece suddenly fell ill and died. The bruises on her neck were ignored. Weber also baby sat for her brother. His daughter 7-year-old Germaine suffered 'choking attack', with complete with red marks on her throat. She survived but was unfortunate when Weber returned next day. Her death was blamed on diptheria.
*-- It seems that Wournos had never a chance of normal life. She was raped and abused while growing up in Michigan. Her father, a sex-offender committed suicide in prison. . Her mother abandoned her altogether. She was kicked out of her grand parents home at the age of 15, and made her way to Florida, where she survived as a prostitute. By the time of her arrest in 1991, her record included killing of seven men which she confessed. Among other felonies and misdemenours included possessing illegal firearms, forgery, assault and robbery.

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