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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meera Presented Four Conditions For Marriage To Tribal Leader

Sixty-seven years-old and father of six children Malik Muhammad Wazir Safi former MNA from Mohmand Agency who had proposed Meera for marriage would have thought anf he will go to Lahore and hold the hands of Meera, tie knot and will bring her to Mohmand Agency to live in his Kot( We say to big Haveli that is large walled house). Woh! Malik Sahib now listen carefully to the four conditions of Meera for marriage. First condition is:- Half of the money after selling all the items in house would have to be tranferred in her account. residence in Dubai, permission to work in films and TV dramas, and fourth and the last condition is the right of divorce. Hahaha! Safi Jee! She is actress, I know the environment of tribal areas. It is impossible for her to reside in your haveli. After you agree then she will respond to your proposal. Why are you silent. You are Pakhtoon once you decided to marry her , please go ahead and sacrifice Khairat, wealth and tribal leadership and act as secretary of actress cum husband. If you agree then she will decide the time and place for marriage. Once get her hand and make your Haveli her prison. What the actress would remember that she had a tribal elder husband like Malik Wazir Safi..

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