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Friday, February 13, 2015

Stars Who Remained Virgin Till Their Marriage

Some women decide to keep their virginity until marriage for romantic reasons, others for religious. The following stars claim that they refused to have sex before marriage. *-- Liza Kudrow:- in the Tv series 'friends' Phoebe Buffay was certainly not a virtuous woman. But things are different when come to the actress who plays the character. Liza Kudrow was virgin until 1995, when she married French businessman Michael Stem. She lost her virginity at the age of 31. Very early I decided to stay virgin until married. I deided my virginity was something very precious, something worth what you own and I did not want to just give it away. I could not give just to anyone- a man had to be worthy of my virginity. *-- Carrie Underwood:-
The winner of 2007 American Idol told the "State Magazine" that she planned to remain virgin until marriage. She married Mike Fisher in 2010 when she was 26-years-old. *-- Jessica Simpson:-
It was the amazing moment of my life! I am so happy! I did not lose my virginity in the back seat of a car and the like, Jessica said. In 2003, she married her longtime boyfriend Nick Lachey and lost her virginity on their wedding night. I abstained because of te romance. It had nothing to do with religion. The act of giving something special to a person you want to spend rest of your life with is important. *-- Andriana Lima:-
Although it is difficult to believe that man waited for two years to have sex with woman, Andriana Lima seemed to be worth waiting. Sex is for marriage-- Every body has to respect my choice, if you do not respect that you do not want me enough, she said once. *-- Tina Fey:- Who would have guessed that this sharp-tongued comedienne save her virginity for marriage. I could not just give my virginity away. These are just good family Christian values. She said in David letterman show.

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