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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Annoyed Bride Married Wedding Guest

Twenty-five year-old Jugal Kishore was seconds away from marrying 23-year-bride Indra when his secret medical problem betrayed him. Jugal was about to place a garland around Indra's neck during the traditional Var Mala ceremony (symbolically similar to the exchanging of rings) when he broke into an epileptic fit. It was then Indra realized Jugal's family had hidden his medical history from her. Jugal was rushed to the doctor but Indra strangely struck to the venue. The young bride being angry at keeping her family in darkness about Jugal's illness promptly changed her mind and announced to happily marry at the same ceremony a guest at the ceremony a man called Harpal Singh. Singh, who was flustered and totally not dressed to be married, sauntered up to Indra in a jeans and leather jacket and agreed to marry her. Right place, right time, Harpal, Indra and her "guest" got married at the same ceremony , in which she was supposed to marry some one else. The girl really knows how to rebound. Of course, Kishore's family was pissed. But, it not it wondering that how Indra selected a man immediately within moments and decided to make a crucial decision for her life? Or did she know the man already? However, it was a bold decision for which her family also agreed. Good. But poor Kishore failed to take "Dulhania" with him and "Dulhania" was taken away by "Dilwalay".

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