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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Doctors Or Angels ( Real Maseehas)

The USA (Self Made superpower and guard father of the world), Jews and the Hindus label Muslims nothing but terrorists, particularly Pakistani Muslims as well as similar are the views of that of puppet government of Kabul. The USA ignore the sacrifices and martyrdom of thousands of our soldiers and civilians. USA always repeats do more and our obedient rulers kneeing down say "yes Sir". While the biggest terrorist of the world is the USA itself. What did it do in Iraq and Afghanistan. Was not it a terrorism? Whereas, USA does not admit the talent of Muslims. While, Americans themselves are below average in intelligence (These are not my words but are the Words of Time Magazine of USA). Hindus are the most coward nation in the world. I personally know the "guts" and "merits' of Americans and Hindus who have been my classmates at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (USA), where I got my MS and PhD degrees. One thing of Americans is admissible, of course, they are hard working and their education system is the excellent one of the whole world. Pakistanis are the most intelligent nation in the world. They have extra ordinary calibre and potential, they need conducive environment. Pakistani doctors and engineers working in USA, Europe and Gulf States are enlightening the name of Pakistan. Their capabilities are recognised by the host countries. Similarly within the country the pride of the nation and setting world record twice and recoding his name in the Guinness Book of World Record is Dr Muhammad Naeem Taj, the general and Laproscopic Surgeon, who won prestige and respect and honour for the whole nation. He snatched the world record from an Indian doctor, by removing the longest gall bladder measuring 25.5 cm through 1 cm incision while the previous record of Indian doctor was of removing 24 cm long gall bladder. Dr Muhammad Naeem Taj performed another laproscopic surgery of gall bladder of a 4 year-old boy a very rare case, successfully. This great job made another World record for Dr Taj. The previous record was of surgery of 5 year old girl by American doctor. Would Americans admit the capabilities of Pakistani Surgeon.? Dr Naeem Taj has been making history in nearly every surgical operation. From the youngest patient to the oldest one he has performed miracles by the Grace Of Allah. He removed the highest number of stones (5,588) from the gall bladder of 85 year-old Hasina Begum at Taj surgery. While previously 3,311 stones were removed from the gall bladder of a female patient,67, in Eastern Germany. Similarly Dr Taj removed longest ever appendix in a child.
Dr Muhammad Naeem Taj is renowned for other crucial operations for which he is worthy to be honoured. Dr Taj is working as head of the surgical department in Capital Hospital CDA. His Taj surgery is located in Rawalpindi Saddar, opposite Pearl Continental near Shell Gas Station. Taj Surgery is the centre of Laparoscopic surgey which is done for removing gall bladder stones, appendicitis, ovarian cyst, intestinal tuberculosis, hernia, lapandye, diagnostic laparoscopy, abdominal pain, perforated duodenal ulcer, and intestinal obstruction.
Advantages of no cutting of muscles skin, early return to work, excellent cosmetic results, no pain, no infection, and safe and minimal invasive procedure.
Now coming to personal experience in Taj Surgery for the Laparoscopic Surgery of my daughter-in-law. She was diagnosed as chronic cholelystitis patient. She was admitted in Taj surgery at 1200 noon on February 14,2015. She was undergone laparoscopic surgery for CHOLECYSTECTOMY at 0645 to 0745 PM. She was operated upon by two angels Dr Muhammad Taj and Dr Zakia Naeem Taj, who have been bestowed "Shifa" in their hands by Almighty Allah. Her gall stones and gall bladder was removed. When patient was brought to room she was in senses. She had a little pain but not like that after open surgery. It was a miracle the two doctors in the shape of angels performed. The patient was walking on her feet after 12 hours and drinking green tea and taking light food like biscuits. I myself wonder, how a crucial surgery was done smoothly and without any trouble for the patient and the relatives.
When I compare the treatment or operation in government hospitals and in Taj surgery that look like hell and heaven (paradise), respectively. I had a bitter experience of Ba Nazir Hospital, Rawalpindi when we (Me and my wife) had to get a medical proforma filled out by a doctor as a pre-requisite for Hajj. After struggling for an hour and roaming hither and thither in the hot weather of August, no doctor was found to get it done. Whom we met were not ready to do so. We went to Ahmad Hospital (a private medical complex) and got it done within seconds with out any fee. Patients get admitted in government hospitals to meet their end not for recovery. Unfortunate is Pakistani Nation in each respect. Dr Taj has performed Hajj and several Umras. He remains with 'Ablusion' (Wazu) till the last operation, may these go till late night hours. Moreover, all the staff members in the Taj surgery including junior doctors, nurses and others are so nice, so sympathetic and cooperative that we are grateful to them from the core of our hearts heart. And this all due to Dr Naeem Taj and Drs Zakia Naeem Taj. Under their supervision and administration the Taj Surgery is running successfully and will flourish more and more by day and night. May All Bless these two angels along with the whole staff of Taj Surgery. One Thing For DR MUHAMMAD NAEEM TAJ, specially!. Sir, Almighty Allah has given you honour, respect, prestige, fame as well as wealth. The things many people dream of through out their lives. It is humbly requested that you must keep at least 5 % quota of the total monthly or annually operations free of cost for the deserving/needy patients. You might be donating to the needy in one or other I do not know. However, it is my suggestion. You Know Better. May Allah shower His Blessings upon You and my sister Dr Zakia. Ameen

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