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Thursday, February 12, 2015

British MP Demands Action Against Altaf Hussain

British member of Parliament George Galloway has demanded of the British government to take action against Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, blaming him to be involved in arson attack on Baldia Town factory of Karachi, that claimed lives of over 259 labourers. The Bradford West MP has said he had sent a written application to Home secretary and commissioner of Metropolitan police over Altaf's alleged involvement in arson attack on a garment factory in karachi. It is to be mentioned here that a joint investigation team of police and secret agencies have submitted a report to Sindh High Court that claimed MQM ordered attack over factory after the owner refused to pay extortion money. Galloway said "this man Altaf Hussain has been fingered in dozens of murders as the alleged person who gave orders. And now this horror, he said, it is inconceivable that this fire was ordered without his knowledge. His house was raided last June on suspicion of money laundering, but as far as I see nothing has happened. It is now almost two years since I called on police to take action against him, after he gave series of filed threats. He was given British citizenship for some unfathomable reason by the previous Labour Government and to all intents and purposes he seems to be above law. I am demanding answers as to why this despicable individual with blood on his hands is not facing justice." Galloway said.

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