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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meera Begged Forgiveness From Almighty Allah For Her Past Wrongdoings

Pakistan controversial actress Meera could not control her feelings while repenting over past wrongdoings on the suggestion of Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain, in morning show Subh e Pakistan, hosted by Dr Amir. The situation turned tense when host Dr Amir asked Meera about her 'scandal' with Dr Naved and other her 'objectionable and obscene scenes' in Indian films. Meera was moved and motivated when Dr Amir Liaqat reminded her that repentance wipes out sins. Meera broke down, seeking forgiveness in Dr amir's program " Ya Allah! I repent whatever I did in the past and I also regret that I hurt the feelings odf Pakistani people". She lauded Dr Amir Liaqat for showing her the right path, giving her respect and bestowing her with useful advice. She wished that other people in their shows should also adopt the same attitude. She announced that she was making all out efforts to build a 25-room hospital in the name of her mother Syeda Shafqat Zehra Bokhari. Dr Amir appealed to the viewers and the nation to make contributions and assist Meera for for completing her noble mission. Meera disclosed that she still loves Dr Naved and certain people had created misunderstanding between them. Meera said she holds positive feelings for Dr Naved and is ready to marry him if he is willing. Dr Amir Liaqat did an excellent job and Meera set a good example of repentance and Allah is accepting Qadir to accept forgiveness.

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