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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Changing Political Parties Is A Favourite Game Of Pakistani Politicians

A child will feel shame to change his playing team countless times in a year, but our politician neither feel ashamed of changing parties twice or thrice a year nor are regrettting to have fake degrees and making false promises to people and telling lies. Javed Hashmi who considers himself a top politicians has no committment to one party. Same is true for Nabeel Gabool who quitting Pakistan Peoples Party had joined MQM in 2013 and was elected MNA from NA 246 on the party ticket in general election, has resigned from his national assembly seat from Karachi and has also left Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). He is going to hold an important press conference in which he decided to explain the reasons for quitting the party and the seat. Did he not know facts about MQM while being a politician, whereas every body of Sindh is in the of the reality of the party. There remains one party he may join if allowed and that is PTI. Does he know himself to be worth of joininh PTI? There must be differences over personal interests while a MNA never quits/resigns from the seat. Like ministers for PIA, steel Mills and Railways even the institutions may go bankrupt. or crash. This is politics of Pakistan that is named democracy by politicians not the by the people. Unique democracy of Pakistan is seen interestingly by the world.

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