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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Is Rizwan Qureshi First Cousin Of Altaf Hussain?

Rizwan Qureshi is the member of MQm for the last 25 years. Rizwan Qureshi was got recruited by the unit incharge of civil society by Mohsin Abbas. Due to his activities in alleged terrorist activities he was recruited in KMC by MQM. He was made the head of death squad of Malir, Korangi, Landhi and Shah Faisal colony in 1992. He was alleged of killing of several persons including SHO Nasir ul Hassan. Though MQM has rejected any relation of Qureshi with MQM but following CIA report narrates something else. SOS -- LIVES IN DANGER Karachi - February 1, 1999 RELATIVES OF MR ALTAF HUSSAIN, FOUNDER AND LEADER OF MQM, ARRESTED BY THE CIA (CRIME INVESTIGATION AGENCY) Today at around 2.15 a.m. (Pakistan Time), the personnel of the CIA (Crime Investigation Agency) in mobile number SP-4939, raided the house (R-14, Block-19, Federal B. Area, Karachi) of Rizwan Qureshi (28) and Saeed Qureshi (25), sons of Abdul Sattar Qureshi and arrested them unlawfully, without any warrants. The raiding party forced their entry into the house by breaking the front door. During the raid they misbehaved with the family members and threatened them of dire consequences. Mr. Rizwan Qureshi and Mr. Saeed Qureshi are non-political and first cousins of Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of the MQM. Their arrest are reminiscent to the arrests of Mr. Nasir Hussain (66) and Mr. Arif Hussain (28), non political brother and nephew of Mr. Altaf Hussain, who were arrested on 5 December 1995 by the law enforcers including the CIA. Mr. Nasir Hussain and Mr. Arif Hussain were brutally tortured in custody of the State and extra-judicially executed on 9 December 1995, after three days of torture. It is pertinent to mention that only a few days ago on 27 January 1999, Mr Nazim Hussain (72), elder brother of Mr Altaf Hussain expired and the entire family was in mourning. Today, the family members of Mr. Altaf Hussain are faced with yet another trauma of the arrest of Rizwan Qureshi and Saeed Qureshi. From (Pakistan Scandals- Feb 08,2015)

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