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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is A Divorce Coming Soon For Kate Middleton And Prince William?

Now that Duchess Kate Middleton's health has improved, the British tabloids need some new drama to report. And they have found it. She has not been making many public appearances as of late, so those famous Kate Middleton's wardrobe malfunctions have been kept to a minimum. The lack of public sighting has resulted in other speculation, however. Yes, the UK press is going hard after its old standby claim that Will and Kate are on the rocks after weeks of stiff-upper-lipped arguments over tea ans crumpets. So what is the cause of duo's alleged 'marital issue'. Well at first it seemed that Will and Kate simply can not agree on where to spend holidays. Yup, better call the divorce attorney and start dividing up the empire.
Could this be indicative of bigger problems? The original agreement was that the couple would alternate between their parents' homes each year, which worked well until he he refused to budge this year. In 2011, they started by joining the royal family at Sandringham House. Being an even year 2014, meant spending holidays in Kate's native Bucklebury. At least it would if he honoured their deal. Sources close to the royal family say he offered a lame 'compromise' in which both families will be invited to Will and Kate's new home in Norfolk.
(Kate as a baby in 1982 with his father Michael) The problem is that it is not really a compromise at all, as the Norfolk house is literally on the royals' famed Sandringham estate. London tabloid The Inquisitr claims that kate became so upset by Will's attempted shenanigans that she has moved back in with mum and dad. Of course, it was previously heard that Kate was ;living with her parents as a result of her ongoing health struggle, but apparently it was more than that.

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