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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moin Khan's Activities In Casino In Australia

Our cricketers are paid high salaries, high emoluments, daily allowances and much more. They are billionaires with the money given to them by the nation. What they do in foreign countries, how do they play, specially in the recent tour regarding world cup, bringing griefs and sorrows to the nation, they have no regrets. They enjoy steaks, dance and make merry in the casinos, like chief selector did. Fans and the Pakistan media reacted angrily when the news of Moin visiting the casino broke on social and electronic media. The anger of Pakistanis was justified because had already lost two important matches and nation was in shock. However even though Moin went to casino with his own money, bur he was clearly unaware that a group of people with someone else's money was following his every move. A Pakistani couple who was already in the casino ( to warn the people there of moral pitfalls of gambling) alerted a group of Pakistani journalists when they saw Moin gambling, drinking, dancing, mugging, head-banging and punching at the gambling tables and on the dance floor of the casino. The journalists- who had already been covertly following every member of Pakistani team, disguised as Arab Hourbara bustard hunters on the back of camels, when one of them received a call from the casino couple. The couple, who, after exchanging a minute or two of greetings in classical Arabic and ancient Syriac Aramaic with one of the journalists, told that one of the member of Pakistan squad 'had lost his way and was in a need of public flogging'.
Journalists saw Moin Khan on a table having dinner, they immediately went up to him and and after noticing it was steak that Moin was eating, asked him whether the steak was halal?
Before Moin could answer or ascertain who the men were, the journalists and the couple started taking pictures of the steak with their cell phone. Thus the first news of the event that broke on social media was about Moin having non-halal beef steak at the casino.

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