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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arbaz Khan And Malaika Arora Are Going To Split After 17 Years Marriage

The showbiz people usually have merciful personal married life though they have a lot of money and every thing of luxurient life. If the couple does not care and interfere in to each others lives like what the wife is going to do or with how many she has been involved in intimacy and vice versa then they can live with each other, otherwise they will get separated and leave the kids in merciful condition. Same thing is happening with Bollywood actor Arbaz Khan and his wife Malika Arora who are are heading towards divorce after being together for 17 years. Malaika has already moved out of couple's home and living separately wth her son. It is reported that Malaika is in relationship with a British businessman that has resulted the split. The couple has been hosting a TV show "Power Couple" but after a few episode Malaika was seen no where and Arbaz was left hosting it alone. They were married in December 1998.

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