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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love Story Of The Century

The love knows no bounds and this is exactly the story of a poor man from India. Dr Pradyumna Kumar (fondly known as PK) and Charlotte Von, a royal from Sweden. THIS LOVE STORY SHAPED UP IN 1975, WHEN the young 19-year-old Charlotte traveled to India to get a portraite done by Pradyumna, a master of strokes. The making of that portraite transformed into love and changed their life, they fell in love with each other and married according to Indian culture. But as with any love story, theirs too had share of heart breaks when Carlotte decided to return back to SwedenShe offered Pradyumna to go to go along with her. However he decided to go to Sweden but on his own. After she left they kept in touch through letters. KP tried to earn and save money to go to Sweden but after three years he felt that he could not earn and save much to go to Sweden. So he decided to buy a second hand bicycle and travel on it to meet his love. PK's grand voyage took four months and three weeks, He reached Amrtsar fromNew Delhi before entering Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany , Denmark before reaching to Gothenburg, Sweden, his final destination. During his journey, his second hand wheels broke many times on the way but his love kept him going on. The Swedish immigration officers were surprised to see a man travel all the way on bicycle from India and contacted Charlotte after seeing Pk's marriage photo graphs. She drove to Gothenburg to receive her estranged husband. Having gone through a lot of heart breaks and misery, their love story found some respite Charlotte's parents accepted Pradyumna as a part of their family by breaking royal tradition. The couple were married again in 1979. They have one son and a daughter and currently live in Charlotte's home town Boras. Today, Pradyumna is a well known artist in Sweden and works as adviser (art and culture) under the Swedish government. Swedish government in honor of their love had made films to document this immortal love of the century. Along with successful family life, Pk has also received a lot of recognitions for his work. His paintings have been exhibited in major cities of the world and and have found places in the prestigious Unicef greeting cards. He was also awarded an honorary degree of doctorate from a university in Bhubheneshwar, India. He was also designated as Odisa cultural ambassador to Swedenby the government of Odisa. Courtesy (Suchita Kumar)

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