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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Journalist Insults Sunny Leone, Bollywood Stands By Sunny

In a 30-minute long interview conducted by an Indian journalist, actress Sunny Leone may have faced some of the most insolent question in her Bollywood career. But Leone's sheer grace and dignity with which she tackled IBN Live's Bhupendra Chaubey is truely commendable. Chaubey's attempt to dwell on Leone's past as adult star and to smear her image was evident. It seemed as if all the questions were aimed to corner Leone, yet she managed to keep cool and answered his questions with dignity and straight face. Here are some questions thrown to Leone in interview. Are you proud of your past? Do you think aamir Khan will work with you? In typical Bollywood term you are are an item girl. How many people would be inspired to be p*** star.? Although Leone was tere to promote her her film 'Mastizade', it is unclear what Chaubey's real intentions were.

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