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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tableeghi Jamaat Has Been Banned To Preach In Educational Institutions In Punjab

Tableeghi Jamaat which has head quarter at Raiwind, Lahore and holds annual religious gatherings, is the only religious party that is sincerely and truely serving the religion, more than those Khatibs and Maulanas who deliver sermons at Friday prayers in mosques, or leads five times prayers. They are serving and struggling for the real cause of Islam. They read Islamic books before limited persons because majority of the prayees do not care to listen to basic principles of Islam or Ahadis. They stroll (take gusht) in mohallas or streets weekly and remind Muslims of their forgotten Islamic duties and invite them to mosques usually after Maghrib (evening) prayers to sit a while and listen to the golden teachings of Islam by one of members of Tableeghi Jamaat, but nearly whole of the people exit mosque quickly after prayer and they are left with a few people. Still they neither get furious nor angry or dishearted. They speak to every Muslim politely and with soft language and take lead in offering Salam. They never talk about Jihad nor they invite people to fight against Non-Muslims, they only believe in preaching to convince them by their own Islamic manners. In the weekly sermon they only request Muslims to spend three days in Tableegh or 40 days in whole of their life for the purpose. When they go outside of their home towns for preaching they stay in mosques, cook for themselves, never drink tea or water from any body. They do not tease people but remind them of forgotten teachings of Islam. Unlimited number of highly educated people like professors, medical doctors, PhD doctors, engineers, high ranking officers are preaching, spreading the light of Islam in the country and abroad. They spend their own money to go in groups to foreign countries for preaching Islam and due to their sincere efforts thousands of non-Muslims have embraced Islam. Their selfless struggles are commendable. At present, the new Muslim generation of Schools and colleges who have been influenced by Indian films, negative impacts of mobile and internet are utmost in the need of awareness of Islam and need to know the basis of Islam that they have forgotten. Banning Jamaat to stay or enter into educational institutions would never be a positive or appreciable step. No doubt, their may be some black sheep who have joined Tableeghi Jamaat to fulfill their nefarious designs but as whole Tabeeghi Jamaat consists of true Muslims. Shahbaz Sharif should lift the ban from tableeghi Jamaat and allow them to preach young generation and make them aware of teachings of Islam. However, censoring the sermon of Maulvis in and around universities mosque is a positive step. They may be attracting the people for some purposes that government thinks about. BUT TABLEEGHI JAMAAT PEOPLE ARE ANGLES ON EARTH AND THE BLESSINGS OF ALLAH ON GLOBE.

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