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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Admired Woman In America

According to Gallup poll, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been the woman whom majority i.e. the largest percentage of Americans admired the most in 2015. According to international media, that marks a record 20 years that she has been garnered that honour. The Former Secretary of State has preserved this honor for a long time, as she won won this staus for 14 years in a row and in in total she captured this integrity for 20 years. According to her she wants to be the champion of everyday Americans. It is pertenent to mention that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party for 2016 elections. She was elected to Us senate in 2001 and is the first ever American lady to win public office seat. She was the 67th Secretary of State in 2009 and served till 2013. Being the spouse former president of United States Bill Clinton she also enjoyed the status of first lady from 1993 to 2001. She came into controversy when it was disclosed that she used her personal email account to deal the official matters. But it seems controversy did no harm to her.

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