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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Can Not Marry Imran Khan Because He Is Of My Father's Age-- Meera

After proposing Imran Khan several times on media and getting no response from Khan, Lollywood's controversial actress Meera currently changed her words and said I can not marry Imran Khan as he is of my father's age group. She said there is a lot of difference in her and Khan's age. Did she not know about his age when she was repeatedly proposing Khan for marriage on media? She said she would not marry him if he himself proposes me for marriage. She said she will join PTI if Khan offered her as her daughter. Neither PTI needs your membership Meera! nor Khan can marry a a woman like you who is not less than a pros! Mind it. He is Pathan and a Pathan can not marry a woman like Meera.

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