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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Look Back At 2015 In Pakistan

As the year 2015 have ended, let us review the highs, lows, hits and misses in the world of politics, sports, business and entertainment. **--Politics:-
Ties between Pakistan and India have been thorny for decades over a number of contentious issues between the two neighboring countries. The year 2015 was no exception. A number of events, which occurred on either sides of the border,stirred controversies inducing a small, but significant ray of hope for an improvement in the otherwise icy relations between the arch rivals. **-- 2015-Year Of Triumph Against Terrrism:--
Pakistan has been facing monster of terrorism head-on for more than a decade. A number of terrorists' attacks targeted Pakistani citizens, armed forces personnels, security forces, schools and damaged national assets and public property. The armed forces, however, stood rock-solid against the scourge of terrorism and in June 2014 initiated a full fledged operation Zarb e Azb, to completely wipe out the menace once for all. The army achieved success and gains in this war. The year 2015 can certainly be called year of success in Pakistan's history. **--Foreign Policy:
There has never been a dull moment in Pakistan. Who would have thought that after harbouring hostilities for much of the year Indian Prime Minister Nrendra Modi will make a stop in Lahore ( though, in this stop he had his own national interest like to talk about Daud Ibrahim and Hafiz Saeed or to go back to India with Daud Ibrahim as Shev Sena expected), or there could ever be strains with in ties with brotherly Muslim countries in the Gulf. But such has been the ride for Pakistan on foreign policy front in 2015. **--Ups And Downs For Afghanistan And Pakistan:
As 2015 began, the traditionally uneasy relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan was on a positive track. But even though this upward trend persisted during the first half of the year, ties between the two neighbor countries suffered a dramatic downslide in the later part of 2915, until Afghan president made an icebreaking visit to Pakistan early last month. (TO be continued)

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