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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Woman Posing As Muslim On Tinder Gets Profile Blocked

A You Tube Comedian created two identical profiles on Tinder- A muslim and a Christian one- as a social experiment "Muslin Versus Christian On Tinder" to see users' reactions to each profile. For the Muslim profile Canadian comedian, Davison donned Hijab (headscarf) whereas in other one her head remains uncovered. She gave both profiles identical bios, naming both Sara aging 27-year-old. Davison, who runs You Tube channel for experiments called LOLPervs, opened up the preferences to men ages 18 to 40
and began attempting to make matches. Interestingly, she did not mention her matches in either of her profiles, letting people assume that her floral headscarf would get the message across. After working through hundred of swipes -120 every 12 hours- and finding hundred of matches, Davison found that Christian Sara was more popular of the two, despite initially noting that the interactions for both the accounts were pretty standard for the first 12 hours.

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