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Friday, January 1, 2016

Cow Dung Patties Sell Like Hot Cakes Online in India

Like consumers around the globe, Indians are flocking to the market place indrove these days. But there is one unusual item flying off the virtual shelves. Online retailers say cow dungs patties are selling like hot cakes. The patties- cow poop mixed with hay and dried in the sun, made mainly by women in the rural areas and used to fuel fires- have long been available in Indian villages. But online retailer like Amazon and eBay are now reaching out to the country's-ever increasing urban population, feeding into the desire of older city folks to harken back to their childhood in the villages, Some retailers are offering discount for larger orders. Some customers are asking for gift wrapping. Cow dung have been listed by multiple sellers on Amazon platform because orders come from cities where it would be difficult to buy dung cakes. In India where Hindus have long worshipped cow as sacred, cow dung cakes have been used for centuries for fires, whether for heating, cooking or Hindu rituals. Across rural India, piles of drying cow dung are ubiquitous.
Demand for cow dung cakes spikes during the Diwali Festival season, a time when Hindus conduct prayers at homes, factories and offices. People also buy dung cakes to light fires to celebrate ritual ceremonies to mark the beginning of the new year and for the winter festival known as Lohri, in northern India.
The cakes are sold in packages that contain two to eight pieces weighing 200 grams (7 ounces) each.Price ranges from RS 100 to 400 ($1.50 to $ 6).

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