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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'YouTube PK' Localized Version Launched For Pakistan

After facing ban in Pakistan, You Tube has introduced localized version of You Tube with its default logo "You Tube PK". Change in logo is not Pakistan specific. In fact You Tube users ibn other countries were already being served their respective country's name with You Tube logo. Unlike, where a local version is served for Pakistan to Pakistani people through Google PK logo. You Tube never displayed its Pakistani audience with You Tube Pk logo before. Since You Tube has now started displaying unique dedicated country code with its logo, move can result in an unspoken arrangement where Pakistani government can officially lift the ban on website or may not enforce the ban as before. It is worth mentioning that You Tube is currently not blocking any content for its Pakistani version. All videos that are available on its international version are accessible in Pakistan as well. It may be recalled that You Tube is officially banned in Pakistan since September 12, 2012.

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