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Friday, January 29, 2016

Some Of The Top Hot Actresss Over 50

Some of the best looking actresses over 50 on the list always manage to stay in the spotlight and keep a job mainly because they aged well. And the best thing about it, most of them do not need plastic surgery on call.
Adopting children has not made Sandra Bullock aged, this beauty made the 51 hotter as new mom.
Helen Mirren is obviously blessed with good genes, and she takes care of herself. Witness the year she wore that red bikini.
It is hard to believe Courtney Cox is 61 and it is still going on.
It is must be that Mississppi air she is breathing because Sela Ward never looked better. She still manages to snag major roles at her age which is a miracle.
Vanessa Williams is probably the only former Miss America who does not age a bit and she keeps a job whether on Briadway or TV.
It is well known that Christie Brinkley may not be the devil, but she must be devil's wife. No way she is 61 but still looks like Sports Illustrated cover model. She cuts a deal with him to stay this young looking.
This diva Susan Lucci is almost 70, a grandma and still does not look a day over 50.

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