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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Girl Who Defeated Death

Death is the thing which swallows everything, It does not not imply only literal death, some times individuals meet virtual death, because they are lifeless but in presence of life. Here is a girl who had had virtual death but recovered through resolution and determination. It is surprising to know that she belonged to tinsel town i.e. Bollywood. Ya, it is about Heroine of Aishiqui, anu Aggarwal. Anu Agarwal was born on January 11, 1969 in New delfi and was raised in Chennai. She was a gold medalist in sociology from Delhi University. After a brief stint in medelling and Vjing, she made her Bollywood debut with musical blockbuster Aishiqui opposite Rahul Roy, tis movie was biggest turning point of her life. In 1999, when she was returning from a party, she had near fatal accident in Mumbai and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital, to recuperate after 29-day coma. Anu did not remember what exactly happened that night. She also lost her memory after the accident. The accident was so severe that each and every limb of her body was broken. . After 6 years of Bollywood fame and doing 10 movies Anu vanished. A portion of her face was also was paralyzed and twisted to one side. Her beautiful face turned ugly. After 3 years of struggle she tried a lot to walk and emerged as a winner. During her recovery period she experienced a lot of positive energy that helped her recover faster than predicted by doctors. Today Anu is single and practices Yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga. She is also an amateur power-lifter and after accident she has competed in many power-lifting competitions. Anu unveiled her autobiography "An Unusual Memoir of A Girl Who Came Back From The Dead."

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