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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

People Who Became Millionaires Accidentally

Every one wants to be rich. Unlimited cash, luxury are the perks super-rich holds. Hard work is esteemed to be key to reach this status, but luck playsthe gme here. Here are a few people who became filthy rich by luck or say accident. ** Josh Abramson And Rick Van Veen: In 1999, Josh and Rick, two high school classmates attending different universities, thought they had found a way to keep in touch. They launched as a way to share freshmen stories, jokes, funny pictures and videos. The site was originally meant just for two of them, but it started soon gaining attention from their friends and then friend's friends, and just in six years the site had over eight million registered users. Today it is a leading source for original comedic contents on the internet and the duo had made million of dollars in advertising and related projects. *Kevin Lewis: Sometimes all you have to do is have the right name. That was the case for a Cicinnati man in August 2013. Earlier that summer Caeser Entertainment announced it was giving away several $1 million prizes in the month of July, August and September. One of those prizes was to be awarded at Horseshoe Casino in Cicinnati. On August 13, they held the drawing and pulled out the name Kevin Lewis. Kevin Lewis happened to be there and after announcement he came forward and accepted the $ 1 million dollar check. When casino official started the verification process they soon realized that they had made a mistake and winner was other Kevin Lewis. But they did not withdraw the check and gave $ 1 million to the actual winner too. *Richard and Betty James: Richard James was a navy tool worker with a family. One day, he noticed a spring coil fall off a work bench at the shop and bounces off the floor. He though that coil could make a good toy for his children, so he brought it home. It was such a hit with his kids that he and his wife decided to market it. They made 400 Slinkys ( a name his wife coined from a swedish word sleek and sinuous) by Christmas 1945and put them on display at local Gimbel departmental store. The new toys sold out almost immediately, and before long the slinky business was thriving. The couple became millionaire in short period of time.

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