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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Secrets Of The People Who Never Get Sick

These days every one is in constant battle with the cold that is circulating this winter. But healthy people have the secrets to win. Following are the few of these secrets. **-- A Low Calorie- Diet: Calorie Restriction, Lowering your average daily calorie intake by about 20 to 30 percent has been making headlines for years its promise (primarily based on animal studies) to lengthen people's lives. Recent studies have shown that eating less could lower your risk of aging related diseases cardiovascular disease diabetes and possibly even Alzheimer's disease. *8-Cold Showers: Cold shower is not only accredited for good health but preventing dry skin. Some small studies have found immunity benefits to cold showers and baths. **-- A Balanced pH: Your body prefers blood pH to be around 7.4 on gthe alkaline side of neutral. And it will do a lot to keep it there, including, some say, pulling mineral out of your bones to counteract elevated acidity, which can be caused to excess of foods very common in our modern diet, including red meat, sugar and refined grains. So, boost your intake to fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens and cut back on processed food.

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