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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEO TV Owner Is Not Happy With Reham Khan's Show 'Tabdeeli'

Famous journalist Umar Cheema has revealed that NEO Tv owner is unhappy with Reham Khan's show Tabdeeli becaise it filed to attract the attention of Pakistani nation. In a Tweet he said the anchor has received 3-month advance pay (Rs 15 million) but failed to get rating. Owner is frustratingly waiting for that time to finish. Reham Khan also got bullet proof car and the owner of NEO Tv paid Rs 0.9 million for the car. Reham signed an agreement with NEO TV for Rs 5 million (Rs 5,00,0000) per month. earlier Dunya TV offered Rs 2.5 million while Channel 92 offered Reham Rs 3 million. However, Reham turned down the offer of Samaa TV for calling her "Churail" on on channel\s official Twitter account.

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